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28 Skeet Ulrich Icons.

This entry features another small (BIG) obsession of mine : Skeet Ulrich.

Hope you like the icons, as usual feel free to take as long as you credit me and it would be really nice if you could drop a line.

Comments are love.


jch002.jpg image by froggy_icons jch012.jpg image by froggy_icons jch017.jpg image by froggy_icons

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[1-31] Jericho 1.02 - Fallout
[32-66] X-Files 1.04 - Conduit
[67-76] X-Files @ Paley Fest '08 - Chris Carter, Nick Lea, Frank Spotnitz
[77-103] X-Files @ Wondercon '08 - Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny
[104-107] X-Files 2 Press conference - David Duchovny
[108-110] X-Files 2 *SPOILER*
[111-121] William Petersen
[122-129] Jorja Fox


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Request from a real troglodyte

I'm all thumbs when it comes to computery stuff, and every time I've tried to make an icon, I've been reduced to tears. Seriously. It's not pretty.

So: I would really really really love/offer eternal gratitude if someone would make me a Jake/Hawkins icon... they just make me go wibbly. I'm not particularly proud of that, but there you have it.

In return, I offer a story (short, granted, but a story nonetheless) of a pairing of your choice (or no pairing) and, um, I'll eat a cookie thinking about you. Solemn promise.