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Jericho Icons

Today is the Last Ordinary Day

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Welcome to Kansas... err, I mean Jericho Icons. This is the place to post all icons relating to the new CBS show, Jericho.

Jericho airs Wednesday nights at 8pm on CBS. Check your local listings for more information. =)


All posts must contain icons.

Do not promote any communities here without asking first.

Maximum of three teaser icons allowed. All other icons must be under a cut. Links to posts in personal graphic journals are perfectly fine.

Please warn people if you use pictures from upcoming episodes. I'm all for spoilers but some are not. =)

Absolutely no drama. Period.

The default security for posts is public. If you are uncomfortable with having your icons in a public post, then by all means lock the post so that it is only viewable to community members.


jericho_tv   jericho_awards   jericho_dl
jakegreenfandom   jake_heather   jericho_friday5
206_bones   jericho_love   jake_bonnie
stanleyandmimi   jakeandemily  jericho_slash

Interested in becoming one? Comment on this post.


Questions, comments? Drop me a line at hellokimberly @ livejournal.com.